This great people i looking for this on ages rip is fantastic.My posts you can find it on Method of Dance page Share i have also Various – Tame Yourself
CD Compilation ,Various – Animal Liberation CD Compilation and Nina Hagen / Lene Lovich – Don’t Kill The Animals

Arista – RIST 2
Vinyl, 12″


tamecovLast one from Mike and a very interesting post to share. Released in 1991 as a promotional twelve for a PETA compiled album of the same name which featured The Pretenders, Belinda Carlisle, The B-52’s, kd lang as well as the artists on here.

Fan’s of Howard Jones, Erasure, Jane Weidlin, Lene Lovich and Nina Hagan will love this as it includes rare dance remixes of the tracks featured on the album.

From the back of the sleeve.

“TAME YOURSELF” is an anthology of exclusive songs produced to benefit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the world’s largest animal rights organization. PETA’s efforts include educational programs, public events and demonstrations, litigation, advertisements, and investigations into animal cruelty in laboratories, the fur and meat trades, the entertainment industry, and other areas. PETA is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1980.”

Howard Jones gets the remix treatment by Tony Garcia (Depeche…

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